Patrick Guedj's manifesto

"Our new flower is an 'activist'. A retort to the ferocity of urban onslaught. This strong flower, thrown into contrast with its surroundings, forces its way through the concrete of the city with no whimsical remorse. A pure, bright, singular flower." Patrick Guedj, Artistic Director of Kenzo Parfums, 1998

The power of a flower
The unlimited power of a simple flower. The power to make the world a more beautiful place. This flight of fancy brought forth FLOWER BY KENZO.

Some perfumes arise from a sensation, a place or an idea. FLOWER BY KENZO took root in an image. An impromptu snapshot taken before Kenzo himself was even born, nearly 50 years ago, in the midst of the Vietnam war. This photo, taken by Marc Riboud on October 21, 1967 in Washington D.C. during a peaceful demonstration, was destined for international fame. It is a strong, disarming symbol.