Have you ever caught the scent of a poppy?

The poppy has no fragrance. Its only language is colour. A vibrant, pure red; a touch of the fantastic. Kenzo created its perfume.

Bulgarian rose

"To me, this is the most beautiful rose of all. Its fragrance is easily recognisable, directly conjuring the flower. Its lushness. Its sensuality. Its incomparable femininity." Alberto Morillas was enthralled by a journey to the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. Roses have been cultivated for generations in this majestic valley, since the 16th century when the Damask rose slowly made its way from Persia into Europe. "I remember an infinite stretch of roses. A valley in bloom surrounded by mountains. The movements of the gatherers, delicately picking the corollas day after day. Sacks filled with flowers. Gazing into sublime landscapes of blossoming fields as far as the eye could see." Bulgarian rose graces the Eau de Parfum of FLOWER BY KENZO with its lush, lavish floral features.

Bourbon vanilla

An orchid... Indeed, vanilla belongs to this family of exceptional flowers. Vanilla planifolia originated in Mexico and is today principally cultivated in the islands of the Indian Ocean, earning it the name Bourbon vanilla. Its origins date back to between the 14th and 16th centuries. Bourbon vanilla possesses a unique palette of sensuous, woody, slightly spicy and exceedingly voluptuous notes.

Parma violet

The shrinking violet deserves its reputation. This delicate, secret flower is both familiar and mysterious. Its white and purple varieties originated in Europe. As early as 400 B.C., Athenians frequently bought bouquets of violets for medicinal use on street corners. The Romans braided its delicate blooms into wreaths to treat headaches. The flower subjugated the Empress Eugénie de Montijo, symbolising her love for Napoleon Bonaparte. The floral note of the violet is both heady and subdued, akin to that of the iris. This essence brings its inimitable understated, sensuous aura to FLOWER BY KENZO.