The poppy grows in the concrete, its striking red petals blooming against the cold urban landscape, unfurling their poetic magic.

The designer Serge Mansau took inspiration from this surreal interaction between the city and the flower to create the FLOWER BY KENZO bottles. Bottles, because there are three of them. Three almost excessively slender glass towers which rise to the heavens like triumphant skyscrapers. However, they reveal a slight curve. Perhaps they are affected by the poppy's grace, soaring upwards in turn to leave its trace in the air. Or perhaps they evoke the sensuous curve of a woman's neck... On these three streamlined bottles, the poppy blooms and spreads. It has finally found its bouquet. A fine, delicate, ethereal, weightless bouquet.

A roving poppy

From Paris to Moscow, from London to Dubai, from Madrid to Hong Kong, the poppy has spread its bright beauty to the ends of the earth. Dozens – hundreds of thousands – of poppies appear as dazzling ephemeral clouds, bringing a joyful blush to cities and a wondrous sight to amazed passers-by.