« FLOWER BY KENZO’s beautiful world is full of poetry, life, emotions and humanity. It is an urban world where the connection between people is strong/real and genuine. A woman spreads beauty all around with her magical power, the power of a strong yet fragile flower, her iconic red poppy...» Patrick Guedj, Creative Director, KENZO Parfums.

The power of a flower. For a beautiful world.

"Celebrating positive human values – generosity, peace, human bonding and beauty - in an increasingly harsher world. Building bridges rather than walls. Praising joy and life. The power of being together, of a smile, of focusing on a strong and inspirational female image. A bold poetic act for a more beautiful world." Patrick Guedj, Creative Director, KENZO Parfums.

Marta Pozzan, an actress, model and opinion leader, plays in the film. The women, men and child that her young character comes across in the film are all inhabitants of San Francisco.